Management of Innovation, Product R&D and Service Development

We offer expertise on Innovation Management, New Product and Service Development, R&D, and Technology Innovation. We combine academic excellence, providing actionable models, frameworks and methods, with executive industrial experience in a variety of industries, offering solutions strongly founded in industrial reality. This allows us to provide a unique set of skills and capabilities to help our clients achieve significantly improved competitiveness, innovativeness and excellence. Our approach is based on the themes of speed, customer focus and change.

Our primary engagement models with clients include:

  1. Keynote presentations and sessions to create awareness of the need of change in strategy, innovation methods and R&D practices

  2. Courses and training tailored to deliver on the specific competence needs of your organization around specific areas of expertise

  3. Assessments to document and report on the current state of strategy, innovation and R&D, comparing this to industry best practice, identification of strengths and opportunities, as well as developing tangible change initiatives

  4. Driving and coaching internal teams driving change initiatives around strategy, innovation and R&D

We have worked with customers from a variety of domains, including telecommunications, B2B and B2C software including Web 2.0/SaaS, automotive, aerospace, industrial embedded systems, construction and materials.

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